Pre-Inked Stamps

Tacoma Rubber Stamp offers a full line of MaxLight Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps.

MaxLight Pre-Inked Rubber Stamp Pre-Inked stamps are a high quality stamps that do away with stamp pads for ever. Clean, efficient and reliable. Many ink colors to choose from. Visit our Stamp Wizard if you're not sure which size or style rubber stamp you need. All you have to do is fill in the information and tell us what you want your pre-inked stamp to say and we'll suggest the sizes that work best for your stamp. Great for return address stamps, endorsement stamps, signature stamps, professional engineer stamps or any other stamping need you have. MaxLight Pre-Inked Stamps will be the best stamp you've ever owned.


Stock Stamps

Tacoma Rubber Stamp carries a full line of Stock Stamps.

We have a full catalog of stock stamps that are already made and ready to ship directly to you. Just visit our on-line secure store to place your order. If you would prefer to visit one of our office in the Tacoma or Seattle area and pick your stamp up, we would be more than happy to see you.






RECEIVED stock stamp

PAID stock stamp

PAST DUE stock stamp

DUPLICATE stock stamp

APPROVED stock stamp






These are stock stamps available in select colors. Impression size: 1-5/8" x 1/2".
Inquire about additional stamps and colors available.

Self-Inking Stamps

Tacoma Rubber Stamp offers a full line of Shiny Brand Self-Inking Rubber Stamps.

Tacoma Rubber Stamp offers a great variety of self-inking rubber stamps. If you're looking for a quality rubber stamp for stamping your address on your envelopes, a bank endorsement stamp, or a signature stamp (we just need an image with your signature and you can upload that on our website and order your signature stamp using our stamp wizard.) that is easy to use and maintain or if you're looking for a self-inking stamp that can handle daily use, we have the stamp you're looking for.

Shiny Self-Inking Rubber Stamps are among the most popular stamps. Easily identify the stamps impression on the top of the stamp, easy user replaceable ink pad are just a couple qualities that make this an excellent choice in stamps for Engineers who need a Professional Engineer Seal Stamps, or anyone needing a return address stamps for mailing their bills, a signature stamp, bank endorsement stamps, etc.

Shiny Round Self Inking Rubber Stamp, State Notary Stamps (State Notary Certificate required)
Shiny Round Self-Inking
Custom Shiny Self-Inking Stamps
Shiny Self-Inking
Plain Metal Self-Inking Rubber Stamp
Shiny Plain Metal

Order a self-inking Block Out Stamp to protect yourself from identity theft. Designed to cover and make sensitive information unreadable to prying eyes. Ideal for blocking out sensitive information when you don't want to shred the whole document or you want to keep the document, you just want to protect you sensitive information.

block out stamp design
Re-inkable and a quality stamp to protect your identity from thieves for many years. Click Here to place an order.

Visit our Stamp Wizard where you can select the size and style of your stamp or simply tell the Stamp Wizard what you want the stamp impression to be and the Stamp Wizard will give you a list of stamps to choose from.

Dater/Numbering Stamps

Tacoma Rubber Stamp offers a full line of MaxLight Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps.

Tacoma Rubber Stamp carries a full line of Dater and Numbering stamps. The Shiny Self-Inking line of Numbering Stamps and Dater Stamps features a full metal body. Shiny's Professional series of Daters are a high quality dater while the Printy Dater is a better price point. There is also our MaxLight Pre-Inked line of daters to choose from. You can have two color stamps where the number/dater section of the stamp is a separate color from the rest of the stamp. Many different uses with a metal frame for a long life.

Shiny Self-Inking Numberer Stamps
Shiny Numbering Stamp
Shiny Dater Stamp
Shiny Dater Stamp


Traditional Wood Handle Rubber Stamps

Tacoma Rubber Stamp offers the traditional wood handle rubber stamps. Many years of proven durability. No fancy unneeded features, just a rubber stamp with a handle and an ink pad.

Traditional Wood Handle Rubber Stamp Simple, everyone knows how to use one. Traditional Wood Handle rubber stamps.
In a variety of sizes, there are something the new rubber stamps can't do that the traditional wood handle rubber stamp has always been able to do. Made with real wood. Military spec stamps are also available in the traditional rubber stamp. We can mold the rubber stamps to the relief (thickness) to your spec for stamping on all kinds of surfaces and there are a variety of inks to choose from.

Steel Stamps

Hand and Machine Steel Stamping.

Steel Stamps "The Best Quality Steel Stamp anywhere in the World". Made with M-2 Highspeed Steel. Eliminates costly breakdowns and save time and money. Available for hand stamping or machine stamping. Easy to use wether you have a steel stamping machine or just a hammer for stamping your mark or serial number.


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